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EENDAG, the world's most epic series
Follow the adventures of Kevin Sweefarend, a robot designer whose creations are hijacked by the evil computer nerd Muyz, and the battle between good and evil that ensue.

Come travel the world with Janda Walters in this series of travel videos and vlogs!

Travel vlog / travel documentary. Come on a journey with us as we explore the Kaokoveld in Namibia. We go down the scary Van Zyl's Pass and scale the Joubert's Pass, take a boat ride down the Kunene river, and drink in the beauty of the Marienfluss. Truly a breathtaking experience all around!

Miauli the cat and his buddy Veertjies the bird enjoy life on Music Island.

Look at this!
From news to product explorations to new movie releases and behind the scenes videos, Marius Mooikasteel explores it all.

Slobbies the cartoon mutt, living with his human owner Ol'Mom, has the comedic adventures of a lifetime. It's wrooflicious!

Full length feature film. A treasure map passed down for generations finally leads Victoria, an English chick, to Africa to hunt for treasure. She stumbles upon a gadget inventor without whose help she'd probably have died in wild, wild Africa. But what they don't know is that a mysterious team is already hot on the trail of their treasure, willing to kill for it, leading to a wild race against time.

SLOBBIES Movie Special
Enjoy the adventures of Slobbies the dog, conveniently in movie form. When her cool teenaged son runs away, a fat woman with orange hair and a yellow dress raises a puppy as her son. The puppy grows up to become Slobbies, since he licked Ol'Mom in the face as a child. Slobbies has adventures that not many dogs have, like getting a pet, going to school, having their house invaded by aliens, having a giant snake raise up from underneath the house... well the list goes on. But soon, the adventures come to an end. Why? Watch the SLOBBIES MOVIE SPECIAL to find out! It's wrooflicious!

Like movies, only shorter. Come and watch a variety of short films on MooiKasteel.Com!

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